What format does music need to be in?

A lot of engines use the .ogg format, is that still the case here or is it something different? I’m still trying to learn the very basics here, but eventually this is something I’ll need to know :slight_smile:

From GDevelop Wiki

The supported audio file formats for GDevelop are Waveform Audio Format (wav), MPEG Layer 3 (mp3), Ogg Vorbis (ogg), and Advance Audio Coding (AAC)

These formats can all be used for music or sound effects, although it is strongly recommended to use either mp3 or ogg for music due to wav file size. A 320 kbps mp3, ogg, or AAC file will be nearly identical in audio quality to a maximum quality wav file, but take up 1/4th the file size.

Page: Audio - GDevelop documentation

Thanks for that. To be honest I am surprised at wav being supported because the file sizes are enormous compared to the others. I’ll most likely go for either ogg or mp3, as I am already familiar with these filetypes :slight_smile: