What is the best use for variables in making rpg games

so the documentation didnt really help

Can you be more specific?

There are 3 main variable types; numbers, strings and boolean.

Variables can be scene, global or object.

You can also create arrays and structures as simple or as complex as you need. You can put each one inside of the other. Like arrays of structures or structures with arrays.

Functions and behaviors use parameters that are similar to variables with even more types like color.

You can also use JavaScript for even more capabilities and possibilities.

It’s a powerful languages and with the help from extensions and behaviors, you can do a lot of things with realitivly few lines.

The making of the dialogue, theposition of the player after scene change

That’s still not a lot to go by. To save or store the players posistion, you would need to use either a global variable or storage if it’s longterm like after the app is closed .

Scene and object variables don’t carry over to the other scenes. They use the default values just like the first scene. You can set a global variable in the first scene using coordinates or a value that gets compared to another value. If the other scene had several doors then the doors could have object variables like an ID or names like “top” or “east” or “blue” whatever helps identify them. You could then set a global variable like doorName OR door Color in one scene . Then use the condition at the beginning as the fist event in the other scene with the condition to compare the global variable to the object variable of the door object or group. You could then use an action to move the player to a position based on that object. It could be at the objects x, y or a custom object point or simply y-50.

I’m not too familiar with the dialog functions if that’s what the other question refers to.

but i didnt find any global variable conditions nor actions

The variable actions and conditions are under [other] [variables] for both actions and conditions respectively. They are divided by global and scene. There are more under the expression builder.


but there are no kinds of mainly global variable, only boolean, number, text, array, structure

seems like the dialogue making video and a help with player position forum page are outdated

I’m not sure what you mean. Global and scene variables are nearly identical. The main differences is global variable retain their value between scenes while scene do not. They have separate setup screens and the for each child event only works with scene variables.

Is there something specific that you’re looking for or that you want to do?

variables of this kind

The actions to set variables are under [other actions] [Variables] [Global Variables]
There’s also a section for [array and structures] that opens or unfolds when you click it.

You set the default values with the side bar under [global variables]

The conditions are the same [other conditions] [variables] [ global variables]

And if you’re added them as an expression or value click on that E like symbol and open the expression builder

so you can create these conditions and actions? it that the instruction?

Yes. The variables are less “codeless”. The new variable system allows you to just use the variable name once you put the variables in the setup screen. That part is still a work in progress.

can you make a link to download a recording?

I have no idea what you need. I would look for videos and do tutorials or look at examples/templates.

Here are some YouTube vids that came up in Google. Check them out and see what other vids the channels posted.

there does seem to be missing conditions and actions like a value of a global variable

in my search i meant