What is the fastest sound file type? (SOLVED)

with what sound format/file type (mp3, ogg etc) game works fastest ?

Hi you can use wav, mp3 or ogg if you like, of course mp3 and ogg are better than wav but is up to you to choose which fits better for your project.
You can also check the same file in MB size, with some software like Audacity, so you can test different types and see which has better compression.

For instance, my hit.wav is 455 KB and the same hit.mp3 129 KB, and hit.ogg is 177 KB.
So if I have to choose of course the mp3 wins in quality and file size.
But this is not a rule, for other sounds sometimes is better to use ogg or wav because the sound itself plays in different channel or with different bitrate or compressions.
Hope this helps.

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thanks. So for example .wav with size of 207KB doesn’t slow down game/engine (gdevelop) ?

I can not ensure but I run some test with the sounds and music sample and use a wav up to 1 MB and work fine, depending when you use it.
For instance if is the first sound to be played in you game then maybe you notice a bit freeze of the game but only the first time the sound is played

thanks. yes only on first sound there is a glitch. I’ll resize sounds later :slight_smile:

Well what I do is a trick I’ve created a dummy.wav like 13 KB sound that is my first sound when the game starts and set this sound volume to 0.05 so the player did not notice the sound but the engine not freeze anymore.
I really don’t know if this is a good practice but it works for me.

yes that would do it, thanks :slight_smile: