What is wrong with my angry bird/ sling shot clone?

I created this angry bird /sling shot clone using Physics 2.0

All objects are Physics2.0
The motion trajectory is plotted while aiming (drag and pull the mouse on the ball). But the motion is different mostly than the path.


Can someone please check whats wrong here?

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I haven’t had time to dig in and fix it properly, but it seems you have 0 degrees as pointing up from the object, while GDevelop uses 0 degrees as pointing to the right right (and 270 pointing up). See here for explanation of it.

Also, it is cool that you can include everything in a single .json when your graphics are sourced from the web :smiley:


I solved your problem. Change the way you apply your force to:
Apply to Test a force of Length -DistanceBetweenPositions(PlayerX.(), Player.Y(), Mouse.X(), Mouse.Y()) / 2.5 towards Mouse.X(), Mouse.Y()
It’s works like a charm to me.