What it's use (channel)? Sound

Hi everyone
I wanted to ask -

Here there are so many things related to sound but I wanted to know that what is a channel here …

I believe the documentation will help you figure it out: Audio [GDevelop wiki]

Hi is highly recommended to use the Sounds system instead of the Music system so you can use Sounds and sounds channels to play both music and SFX for your game.
For instance if you set a sound in a channel later you can set the volume between 0-100 to that channel where 0 is no sound and 100 is the max.
Also Stop the sound, the difference is that if you set volume to 0 in channel the sound keeps playing but muted, and if you stop the sound on channel you need to add an action Play the sound … on channel again.

Thank you @E1e5en and @UlisesFreitas for helping