what would be oncoming features for next 2-3 months

hi 4ian, the good guy who implementing an easy and powerful engine with visual scripting for FREE! (i wish best for u)

first of all, if u can mention the point of gd5 and why u start implementing gd5 instead of 4 when u leave some good feature behind?

and the second, pls explain for us what is ur ideas for enhancementing gd5 for the next 2-3 months? (as u sign a completly new idea in trello-roadmap, so i didn’t found that a good vision for oncoming features)

my features request are: (these are just my opinion for implementing gd5)
1-networking support and a multiplayer plugin, something like Player.io ( playerio.com ), or anything else with price or free (yep free is better :smiley: )
2-simple light function
3-tilemap editor and a way to import atlas and sprite sheets (both for objects and characters)
4-Steam API built-in

Check this topic guys :

Sorry, but developing 6 features is not easy even for 4ian, as you know there is a roadmap (https://trello.com/b/qf0lM7k8/gdevelop-roadmap) but it doesn’t force the development path anyway, it’s just a hint :slight_smile:

my mean wasn’t all them at once for just now (this time, right now :laughing: ), i just said my opinion for implementing gd5

when people finding that gd5 is really different from 4, and lose some of good features from gd4 and have some stepbackward, make them hard confuse and trying to find out what is difference between gd5 and 4, cuz they read awesomeness of gdevelop anywhere but no one mentioned which one is , this is why some people disappoint to stay with gdevelop engine

i really want to see the best for gdevelop engine and also wish best for 4ian, this is why i’m still on this forum and saying my words, 4ian must focus on what he left behind (so when anyone is coming to this engine won’t get back, this is really important) and also make the trello-roadmap better vision for who want to know about future of this engine or maybe make survey and ask the forum members for adding features instead of his own own, i not saying to him don’t make decision by urself, but it’s really nice if u hear ur members and going with survey

at the end, if u can’t do any of these(my mean is about make survey and hear ur members) , pls at least let us know which features are after another, for example now i don’t know what is ur idea for exactly after this doing feature