What's causing the static sound in my sound effect?

My game has a single sound effect, a “blip” sound, and it’s played every time two objects collide, which happens over and over in rapid succession, and I’m hearing a static sound while they play. Is this simply because the sound is playing in rapid succession? I’ve got the pitch ranging from 0.7 to 1.2, which I thought would keep the sound from glitching, but it’s not solving the static issue.

Any tips to clear up the static?

can you record your screen with that sound, maybe I can help

You bet.

Hmmm have you fixed it? I’m not sure but your case seems like my previous project where hovering on button plays a beep sound when I hovered it then suddenly moved my cursor to a next button it played beep sound again but the old sound didn’t stop yet so I guess many audio waves collapse into one different wave and plays weird sound effect (I’m not sure).

Maybe try to adjust some values here

Sorry I’m not good at editing sound, For my project when it played unintended sound I was surprised but I didn’t fix it because I thought that sound actually cool for the value to adjust I think lowering something into 0 or left most slide might fix it idk.

I hope you can fix it.

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heya, I remember this problem being mentioned but not the exact solution.
if you’re still having this problem ,have you tried playing the sounds on random different channels?