Whats the center of X And Y?

Hello! I’m Pretty New To GDevelop. And i’m wondering… whats the center of X And Y. Cause its not X:0 Y:0…

Hello, if you mean the centre of the screen, it depends on the resolution (go into Game setting - > properties.
For exemple my game resolution is 1200x650 so centre of screen will be 600;325.

The top left corner of your screen is 0;0.

By the way you can dynamically get the height or weight of your resolution in the general numeric expression when creating an event.
Σ 123 > General> Game Window and resolution

Means you can use that (divide by 2 in your case) and change the actual resolution whenever you want without having to change your events

my window is 800 x 600

0,0 for x and y will be the upper left corner of the starting position of the scene.

As you move right, X increases.
As you move down, Y increases. You can see a diagram in the wiki as needed.

Note, each layer has a unique camera, and therefore unique x/y centers depending on the layer’s camera’a position. If you want to find the camera’s center position, I’d recommend using the expression builder to find the Camera Center X/Y expressions and point it at the layer in question.