What's your score on Wordle?

Yes, haha, it’s a good word. It has four of the same letters as my starter but I think your other letter is much better than mine. I had already been wondering if I should work that letter in but will stick with what I’ve got for now, bad form to change now or so I’ve heard.

So many wrong guesses

Wordle 230 5/6


Wanted to test a variation on my starter word at an archive site. Just randomly selected 217 and got a 4, but it’s the toughest one I’ve done so far.
Wordle 217 4/6


I hear ya. Some days just aren’t meant to be.

This is my latest. What’s worse is my 13 year old son did it in 3.

Wordle 231 5/6


Haha. A four from me.

Wordle 231 4/6


I’m guessing you did a double letter in your fourth row.

All the way through and poking out the other side.

After my first guess brought nothing, was really just hoping to complete it rather than get a good score. But after a lot of thinking, managed to turn things around.

Wordle 232 3/6


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Hats off to you. That’s a really impressive save :smiley:

Wordle 232 6/6


Lady luck has deserted me, yet again :cry: .

Thank you. Haha, poor you though. In those circumstances I used to pick the most common word, but that failed me so now even if I think of a few options, I just go back to the first one I thought of.

Oh the dilemma, on my second guess, went with my first choice out of three options, but nah

Wordle 234 3/6


Nice, and good guesssing. From what I remember, there were about 4-5 words that could fit your first 2 lines.

Today’s one took a bit of thinking. Maybe it’s the new ownership that’s taking effect already…

Wordle 235 3/6


Hmmm, now I’m intrigued. My three options for line 2 were brace (the one I used) and erase as well as the correct answer. I had already ruled out the letters ‘t’’ and ‘d’ from my starter word. Did I miss some?

I can see you posted stuff about 235, I’m not looking anyway near that until after I’ve done mine.

I tried trace, brake, grape and finally the word.

Erase was an untried candidate :

Wordle 234 5/6


Don’t worry, I don’t think my comment on 235 will help you - it’s a bit obscure until you’ve worked out the word.

Oh haha, my brain missed out on brake and grape, but just as well, or I might have used them. Haha, if I’d had your bad luck I would have been extreme frustration mode.

Yes but I know what your starter word is, haha, so I’m not looking at your results box

Wordle 235 4/6


Yeah this was a tough one, well done to you MrMen. I read that there’s answer words written into the code to last up to 2026. I’ve already saved the webpage and also copied my stats over to the saved version. The saved game does work offline so it’s my backup for when the game moves to the NYT site and potentially becomes for subscribers only.

Yes, I heard that too. I would have thought it would be implemented as a “contact the mother ship to get today’s word”.

Would that be in the NYT best interest? It’s a game that can pull over more readers, and give a greater advertising audience (and with that more bargaining power to charge more for advertising).

Yes, it would be a bad tactic to lose that opportunity. The speculation is based on their wording. They said it would initially remain free. So perhaps that was their way of gauging public opinion on the matter.

That could be nasty - getting people addicted to the game and and then hiding it behind a pay to play system.

It’s also be a way to kill interest in the game, and spawn imitator sites (there is one I know of already that has unlimited plays per day, but it’s list of words is limited)

Was a bit stuck but managed to save it.
Wordle 236 3/6


Yeah, I think f the alternative sites become real contenders because of changes to the original, a lot of people won’t bother playing at all if we’re all playing different words and sharing the score becomes meaningless

Same thing today, but had a breakthrough.
Wordle 237 3/6


It seems Wordle is re-directing to the NYT site for some people already and the stats didn’t transfer for everyone, but it’s being worked on

Wordle 237 4/6


I’m still getting the UK site, for now…