Wheelchair Bluetooth Joystick Not Working

I’m not sure if anyone can help, but I’m hoping.

I work at a school with a student with special needs. This year he received an electric wheelchair that he is learning to use. It has a joystick to move around, and this joystick can use bluetooth to connect to devices and be a mouse or a joystick.

I’ve made apps in gdevelop specifically for him in the past. But now I’m trying to make one where he can move an object on screen using his wheelchair’s joystick.

I installed the gamepad extension, but gdevelop or the the extension don’t seem to even recognize there is a joystick connected. If I go to gamepad-tester.com it does recognize there is a gamepad, and when I move the joystick around it recognizes that the left analog stick is moving. Same if I connect the joystick to an android tablet and use a testing app, it shows the left stick moving.

Sidenote: In the settings of the wheelchair I can connect the joystick either as a mouse or joystick. It does connect as a mouse and gdevelop sees that, but it seems a lot more complicated to get an object to move in sync with a mouse. I wouldn’t want an object to follow the mouse. But if someone knows how to use a mouse like a joystick for moving objects, I’d be up to trying to get that to work.

Any help with this is appreciated.


I made the gamepad extension, I think your joystick didn’t use the right protocol to talk with the game.
The gamepad fully supported are xbox360 and ps4 ps5 which use Xinput. I guess the joystick of the whellchair use something else.
But that can be remapped with a software like these:

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