When admob ads load objects change x position

Hello folks!

This is my first post here although i’ve been studying and programming for few months already.

I’ve got 2 games made now, but i’m struggling with admob banners and interstitials. Whenever i load a test banner or an interstitial the first time some objects keep changing position to the left side a bit. Why is this happening? Is this the case with real ads when i publish my games?

I’m showing ads when a level is completed or when going back to “lobby” (scene changed).

My games are 960x540 and 540x960 of resolution and test ads are lower in width than both of my game scenes on my mobile.

I have some some objects ready and positioned on scenes and some created at runtime, some anchored and some just centered etc. when a scene is loaded.

Is this just the test ads? why are the ads changing and rescaling my scenes and not the other way around? This just can’t be the way to do it, what am i doing wrong here?

In my platformer game when i pass a level, interstitial ad is shown, scene is changed and then without touching my touch controls my character goes left. Same goes with my other game but this time it’s a banner and not a platform character, just some objects that change position(x).

Is there no way to make ads overlap with the scene or what is the solution? I’ve seen some videos and read this was possible in the past versions.

I don’t really know what to do to make this work, i’ve tried searching the forum and google but no dice.

Sorry if i sound confusing, this is not my native language, i’m finnish.

My games are 960540 and 540 960 of resolution

Quick tip :wink: Game resolution should also come in different aspect ratios as some phones are 16:9, some tablets are 4:3, some other phones are 2.5:1

As for your nice and in-depth question, I cannot answer that so I hope you get a full response quickly :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, i just found out lately 16:9 is not THE thing anymore :smiley:

I’m the guy with a laptop from 2014 and iphnoe5s. Not a huge technology fan. If something works, it doesn’t have to be replaced :smiley:

At this point, i don’t even know how play store works for example. You can upload multiple versions with different resolutions?

Anyway thanks. Still waiting if someone could help me with my ad problem…