When I click a button, I activate another button - why?


I am making a game for Android OS.

I have a problem with buttons, for example:

when I click a button on Homepage, I at the same time activate another button on another page.

as far as I can see, this only happens with buttons that are in the same position

but on different pages…

how to stop it from happening ?

this is my code now:

Thank you

Hi bundyboy,

You can use “A new touch has started” condition. Then put your other events as a sub event of that. Like this:


Hope it helps!


Hi cat,

I will try that, and let you know if it works.



it works :sunglasses:

I tried now on smartphone, and it works.

Thank you cat

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The De/activate moving the mouse cursor with touches action in the first scene also helps.

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When I tried this, it deactivated the functions in the sub-events attached below. What could be causing this? Thanks!

Hi merylann,
Your “Left moust button was released” condition cannot happen because at the very top, there is a “A new touch has started” condition (they cannot happen at the same time). The simple fix is to move “Change to scene “Supermarket Dash”” to the event above it.

That will make the scene immediately change to “Supermarket Dash” though without showing the “pressed” animation of StartButton, though. I can’t think of how to fix that yet.
Hope that helps