When the command <<customcommand>> is called delete the last character in the text

Hi, i’m new on gdevelop, i started a game and recently i added some dialogues, in these dialogues, i built a command called << type >>, and when << type >> is called, gdevelop play a sound, now if i type

H<< type >>E<< type >>L<< type >>L<< type >>O<< type >>

The text displays::


so i want to delete the blank space between character, like: when the command << type >> is called | delete the last character typed in the text

is possible?

on my way, i think it should be better to post some screens of the code you’ve written.

@ErmesBertone yes, you are right. @Deragon You should show how you are doing it.

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The space is a known Yarn bug. See the Wiki page .
I haven’t figured out how to remove the space either.

So, what do you want to do exactly? Do you want to make a sound for every letter displayed?
If so you can just play that sound during same event that you display each letter of your text.
If you want to play the sound only for certain cases like “talking” to a computer, you can make a sub event to check if the person currently speaking is a computer (check animation of sprite or something).
Basically, avoid using Yarn commands to avoid the space.

Hope that helps!

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:roll_eyes: too much complicate for me… Yarn extension… sorry.

Thank you!, I guess I’ll do it the old way, that is when the dialogue didn’t complete scrolling, it plays that sound, the way I wanted to do it, it was also a way to decide a different sound depending on the character you type, this is a real shame.

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Your game has character profile images, right? You can make a condition to check what the current character profile image is to play a specific sound for each character/face.

If you need help with that or something a little different, just put a screenshot of your events here. On Windows you can use Win + PrtScrn to quickly capture part of the screen, and then Ctrl + V in forum reply to paste the image.
: D

I think he is @Deragon is not talking about that. Maybe he is talking about alphanumeric character.