When the enemy dies it wants to stop moving

i don’t know what’s wrong with my code please help me,

that is my code

Could you explain in more detail what’s the problem?

when my player and my enemy collision my player is jump again(which is good) but my enemy is still move (i want the enemy to stop moving) n if my player fall in enemy my player will jump again (if enemy still not delete)
(sorry for bad english)

Still not sure if I understand… If you want the enemy to stop moving when there is a collision with the player, you could try some of these Actions with your enemy object.

Stop the object
Remove all forces
Set the X/Y position of the Enemy to it’s own current X/Y position (but don’t use Trigger Once as a condition)

thanks, i will try it

still not working

this is my new code

this is what happen.
even when my slime did the animation of dead(mati)
it is still moving if i use (stop force) it only stop when it collision with player after that it began to move again

if i use (delete object) it will delete the slime immediately, without play the slime dead(mati) animation, and i want when then slime did play dead(mati) animation it is stay still.
not going around like that picture,
please can you help me,

Two things you could try…

In the player with enemy collision…
In Action field try “Position of an Object” (for the musuh object)… Then edit the code to this >>>

Change the position of musuh set to musuh.X() , set to musuh.Y()

You could also try this as an Action:

Change the acceleration of musuh set to 0.

Also in the player with enemy collision try doing this

Change the variable arah of musuh = 2

Because it looks like you aren’t stopping the movement… if you put variable arah = 2 I think that might stop the other two movement actions that you have on the arah variable .

thanks bro
but nothing work,
maybe there’s wrong with my upper coding,
i dont know.
i am just try to star over it
is there a place where i can download some kind of project like super mario game,?
i want to see the coding behind it.
thank so much for helping btw

Did you try doing as part of the player with enemy collision condition…

Change the variable arah = 2

Then in a new event try…
Condition: Variable of arah = 2
Action: Stop all forces
Action: Change the position of musuh set to musuh.X() , set to musuh.Y()
Action: Change acceleration set to 0

Here’s a platformer example (same one that comes included with GDevelop I think) GDevelop 5

thanks you very very much,
i am gonna star over again with the coding

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that is the same one that included in gdevelop (i cant understand how they did it, cause its just some kind of mess to me to see it) i dont know,
maybe i am just very very dumb (but still gonna learn it though) :slight_smile:

Nah it takes time to learn it… There is tons of stuff I still have to learn too

One thing that I noticed I think is that you activate the behavior of the musuh during the collision but you don’t deactivate it straight afterwards, during the fade out (as they do in the example)