Where can I find a document about BBText tags?

Where can I find about list of available tags and example?

All documentation is kept in the Wiki. BBText - GDevelop documentation

All examples are kept in the engine itself within the game template and example list, as well as over on the gdevelop site: Game examples and Ready-made templates | GDevelop

I’ve seen that but I wonder if there are more tags that I can use,
btw, please help me, do you know that GDevelop BBText is the same as these sites BBText or not?
1 BBCode tags reference
2 BBCode - Wikipedia

Are they the same thing or everywhere BBTexts are different depend on the software?
Thanks for answering me.

No. GDevelop’s documentation includes all supported tags in the engine afaik.
I think it’s because of pixi.js

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The wiki explicitly says what tags are supported. There are no hidden features for it. EyadMahm0ud is also correct, the tags supported are only available if the pixijs pixi-multistyle-text library supports it.


Thanks for the info guys.