Where can I find Isometric characters to download?

I search for a 3d isometric character in Gdevelop store, but found only 2d character. The only character isometric available is Mindy from the examples.
Are there some isometric character to download for use in Gdevelop 5?

Hi, I am not sure if you are aware of that, so just for clarification: you can only use 2D sprites. You could render 3D models in isometric perspective and save them as 2D png images. And png is also the format you need for your sprites, which is not specific to Gdevelop.
So if you google ‘isometric sprites’ or something similar, you will find a number of sprite sheets (usually in png-format), some of them are free to use.

Try itch.io under the game assets sections select free then search for isometric im sure you’ll find some

I’d recommend browsing the game asset section without tags as alot of tags are unused. Basically for iso you can search for topdown character assets with 8 directions then use the ones you need

did it for you click here

heres a good one

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Thanks for help!
I will look at each of the suggestions.

Hi… similar question.

I copy and pasted Mindy into my game. That went fine, all the “Sprites” were there… and in the game.json, it seemed all the assets were there. I copied the assets across into my project’s assets folder, but they don’t show up.

Is there a way to get Mindy? Why isn’t she in the Asset store?