Where can i find the config.xml file

Hello, I’m creating an android app on gdevelop and need to change the uses-permission in the file config.xml. unfortunately I can’t find this file. could you please help me with that?

That’s generated when you export for mobile devices locally. It isn’t available if you’re using the online build service, since that’s not designed for advanced/configured mobile builds.

So if you do the manual export and select “Mobile”, choosing a folder like “C:\temp\myandroidgame” it would be at “C:\temp\myandroidgame\config.xml”

thank you verry much!

Actually, it is! In your GDevelop installation folder, if you go in resources/GDJS/Runtime/Cordova, you can find and edit the config.xml. Note though that it will impact all of the games built on your machine, and that it is not recommended to edit GDevelop files if you don’t know what you are doing (and reading that you need to edit something in it on StackOverflow or Google doesn’t mean that you know what you are doing), as you can easily break your whole installation or expose your application to security risks.

Oh, I thought that was your defaults, not project specific. or did I misunderstand?

It is not project specific indeed, but you can modify it before doing an online build and restore it afterwards for other projects that do not need that change.

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