Where can one get information about P2P and making a multiplayer game?

The P2P wiki and the THNK extension info are a joke. I personally don’t mind learning to code but I can’t find info.

You are responsible for building out your own netcode and game logic to utilize said netcode. P2P and the THNK framework are just tools that enable you to do so.

THNK framework’s documentation site actually has a pretty detailed tutorial on making netcode for a platformer, including step by step instructions and screenshots, so if you’re looking for something more detailed than that, you’re not going to find much out there.

Generally, I recommend the THNK framework over pure P2P, so I’d say follow that tutorial to build out the multiplayer platformer it shows, as it’ll help you learn the basics. Once you’ve gotten that said up, you can use P2P if you want to connect clients in that manner, using the details on the GDevelop wiki and the P2P networking example built into the engine.

If you’re talking about the thnk.cloud website then you’re confirming the joke.
I understand those are extra. But it would not cost much to redirect towards correct information. I read the whole wiki of Gdvelop and then 98% of my time was searching information in order to make something very basic. At this point it’s a dead end. One would go faster on learning something harder to code but where information is there.

Again, combine this:

With this:

With this:

And this: P2p networking - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

And you’ll have the basics of P2P and THNK. Beyond that you’ll have to come up with your own logic on implementation, sorry.