Where do I need to find "Always" event?

Where do I need to find “Always” event? I can’t find it anywhere!
Please help

i think they removed it and i did my reserch i saw someone on youtube finding it normally on the condition side but when i tried on the lastest vertion with desktop didnt find it on both web and desktop vertion but tell me what u trying to acomplish and i maybe help u out without always condtion ^-^.

It was removed in last update
And anyway ALWAYS works just if you do not put any condition in event

So if you want to idk play sound and you put on condition in event just make action to play sound then it will spam it from game start until you close it

So by default any event runs always
You just have option to limit it with conditions if you want

5.2.176 - This is the last GD version? I still have “always” available.