Where is my storage file?

Hello, I’ve been using GD for about 2 weeks, coming from Construct 2. It is a great piece of software.

For now, I need to know where “storage” files go. I found a “preview” folder in Users/User/Appdata/Chrome/Temp, this seems to be the location the preview is running from. I understand saves during preview don’t actually create the file. However, I cannot see any file with compiled native Win programs either. I use a zip which I unzip into a folder manually. There is no file created there, or in its subfolders. I think file operations are set up correctly, with “structured files” opened before and closed after writing.
Thanks for any advice.

Even when you compile for windows the game runs on a hidden chromium browser. And the storage functions save the data in this browser storage (or in the storage of the browser running the game). You can open the browser developer tools and go to the storage section to see the saved file :slight_smile:

Thanks, I found the suspected location. Very inconvenient if you want to take a look at the file created. There is nothing there, and even a search by File Manager says no file with that name. I’ll experiment, maybe something goes wrong at writing.

I show how you can see the file here: [url]https://forum.gdevelop.io/t/how-to-save-progress/11344/5]