Where is the project file before it's exported.

I sent the project to the people to upload it to the web. They said that they need the production file which is made before the game is exported. They said that it’s a different file used when exported. They aslo mentioned that it ends with .json

Please help. Any answer would be very appreciated!

Are they asking for the GD source file?, if so and if you want to give it to “them” (if you hadn’t said ‘people’ I would think you were talking about aliens hehe), you can open your project (.gdg) in GD and then go to File >> Save As, and save the project with the extension .json (write MyProjectName.json) and GD will save it the project in that format.
Remember that, if you want to give the full project, editable, you have to attach the images and sounds too, in the same directories they appear in the resources manager, otherwise there will be empty/error images everywhere :slight_smile:
If they aren’t asking for the GD source file I have no idea :confused:

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed!