Where is the "Repeat" condition/event?

I need to spawn an object a number of times. The wiki says there’s a “Repeat” condition for events, but when I do a search in editor, I cannot find it.

Hi, there are two ways to get that. In the event editor you click right in an event block and in the menu you go to “Add other”. Or you go to the right task bar in the event editor. There is an icon with a big plus-sign. If you click this you can choose different types of event blocks.

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Okay, I found it. You have to click the “Choose and Add an Event” button in the toolbar on the upper right. “Repeat” (and also “While”) appear in the drop-down menu. (I changed that in the wiki, but I didn’t know you could get to it by right-clicking in the Event block too. I’ll try to fix that.)