Where to find translation words or expressions in english and other language

J’ai posé cette question en anglais, mais pas de réponse pour l’instant… donc je repose en francais :
Savez vous s’il est possible de savoir quels sont les mots à utiliser dans la version francaise de Gdevelop ? car ils sont différent de la version anglaise, et bien souvent on trouve sur le net le mot anglais uniquement.
Par exemple on touve en anglais TILE, et comment savoir que en francais il faut utiliser MOSAIQUE ?

english version
I stop frequently on a translation problem :
On forums I find an expression in english, and when I try to use it in my french version, I can’t find the proper term (nor the location in the menu).
(I have to use it in french because it is for teaching to children).

Furthermore I have looked at the Crowdin translating site, and I need to log in, then make an advance filter search on TRANSLATED and then search for my word… IT WORKS, but that is a bit long, and can not be proposed to children as a solution for themselves.

Do you know if there is a dictionary of all words used in translations (in my case french) ?

… if it where available (and searchable) on crowdin website or an other site it would be great.


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Hi Boblib,
What are you trying to do exactly with Crowdin? (Not familiar with it)
There are many good websites for translating, such as DeepL or Google Translate.

Crowdin is the site use do register and validate all translations for Gdevelop… therefore it has the exact information. I would just like to access it easily.

This forum has a French section. Have you considered re-assigning it to a more suitable category - click on the pencil between the title and category near the top of this page :


To get this:

Je viens de déplacer ce post sur le forum francais… but I can read answers in english too…
Thanks - merci

Je propose une solution ici… en cours de réalisation.