Why aren't both enemy objects spawning?

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How do I…

spawn enemy1 and enemy2 on spawnpoints1 and spawnpoint2

What is the expected result

I have a global boolean named “wave2” set to false, and a global boolean named “istrue” set to false. When wave2 is false (enemy1) the second wave of enemies(spider) has the “isture” AND “wave2” booleans that waits until the global score reaches x amount. When the global score reaches x amount it triggers istrue which should spawn both enemy1 and spider on the corresponding points.

What is the actual result

Right now, only enemy1 is spawning after wave 1. If I run the game with only enemy2 spawning it works the same for just enemy1. If I try to spawn both, only enemy 1 spawns after both waves should be running. I can only post one screen shot but if you need any more info let me know. Thank you!

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Hi @nevank

From what I can see, the problem is that the timer keeps resetting at 5 sec when spawning wave1, never reaching 8 sec to spawn wave2. I think you need to add a condition to only reset the timer at 5 sec when “istrue” is set to false.

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Hey there @insein ,

I created a sub-event with that code. This does seem to spawn both at the same time but now the problem seems to be that the first enemy doesn’t have a timer to stop spawning the enemies. There is just a bunch of Enemy 1 and a normal amount of Enemy 2. How would I change my code to make it so enemy 1 spawns normally without the use of the time action that was moved to a sub-event? I also tried creating another scene timer for the second enemy(spider) and that didn’t seem to work either.

Looks like I got it working by adding two different timers arranged correctly.

Thanks for the help!

By adding a “Trigger once” condition.

If you don’t want 2 independent timers so that wave2 will always spawn exactly 3 seconds after the first, then I think it’s better to keep one timer and add trigger once.

I also tried that, even when the timer is on its own sub-event with a false boolean and a trigger I still need the same timer for both enemies and I run into the same problem when wave 2 starts. I’m okay with 2 timers, I can utilize them both at some point. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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