Why can't I login or sign up directly from the app?

I’m trying to publish a game to android, it tells me to register/login, I’m doing that, but once I click either Login or Create My Account (Note: I already have an account), it’s trying to log me in/sign me up, but I guess it’s rolling back the actions, why is this happening? and does it have any solution?

Did you press the button many times? And are you logged in to gdevelop already

The login for the application account is not the same as for the forum.
The forum account and the application account are two different accounts.

Indeed exports are not taken into account if you are not logged in.

You can try to login you by the profile, Project manager > My Profile.

Yes, I did press the button many times, and no, I don’t have an account, as far as I knew from the below reply, the only account I have is the forums account, and I don’t have a main GDevelop account. How can I make an account? I mean what’s the webpage I should go to, to make an account? although I don’t think it will be useful, but It’ll be worth a try, can you give me a link, please?

It is here, as Bouh said:

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Ok, thank you to everybody who tried to help me :hugs::hugs:, but I finally found why it wasn’t working, it just needed a VPN, cause I’m living in Syria, and you know, most of the services are banned in Syria.

  • Unfortunate Fact: Did you know that ALL Google services are banned in Syria? that’s why we don’t have ANY ads appear in the videos, which leads us to that we can’t earn ANY money from the videos we upload, you can consider it for free.
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