Why can't I open my project? (MacOS)

I guess this could also be a bug report, but it’s also more of a “How do I…”. Anyways, how come my project wont open? I made it into a .json file and it still won’t open. Whenever I try to open it, I get a popup that says, " Unable to open the project. Check that the file exists, that this file is a proper game created with GDevelop and that you have the authorizations to open it." Can someone please help?

I think the file is corrupt.
Try locating the .json file and checking the size of the file. If its “0” thats a problem. If its greater than that they should be a solution. Also try opening the backup.

(I had to censor out my name)

Copy game.json.autosave and remove the .autosave in the name.
And select this new file when you open a project.

It still says the same thing

Can you send to me your game.json file ?

How exactly do I do that?

right click on it, select “compress” and upload the resulting .zip file to a file sharing site such as drive, dropbox, then paste the link here. Or, you could rename the json file as .txt at the end, open it in textedit, copy and paste the whole code here.