Why collision mask not change with angle


When I rotate an image to angle then collision mask still remain with 0 degree as show in the figer

see the images



Just tested now, it works with rotated sprites (native and HTML5 games). Can you provide an example ?
Keep in mind that the blue selection box has nothing to do with the collision mask (it’s not rotated and calculated from the position and the size of the object).

Problem solved, I explicitly defines the collision mask of both objects. Here com’s new problem

you can see the position of the cursor… as you know the reference point on the block is top left corner, you can see the reference point position in the left properties window also and the position of cursor in button left status bar.

I just want that when I change the angle the reference point also changes in this example changes to 161, 262.5 how this can be achieved

The position of the sprite object is the top left corner of the non-rotated sprite. We can’t change that behavior.
What do you want to do ? If you want your object to rotate around another point than its center, change the position of the point “centre” in the sprite object editor.

Is it possible to change the origin of the whole canvas to the center of the canvas?
Is is possible to tell that at which point object hit’s the other object body?