Why Crashes My Game?

hi. my game crashes on some mobiles phones. it have frame drops and freezes, but i have added small resolution images as it’s possible. so please help me to fix it. it is not caused by events, it is caused by images. i have images decompressed too.

Here is game preview link: Liluo game build

Hi guro97, can you give us an idea of the size of your images? For example how big is your game folder? What is the size of some of your average images?

it’s 90mb now and here are 3 levels right now, average image resolutions is 800px and less than 100kb. i just using a lot of frames for some enemy animations but as i already say file resolutions and sizes are small.

800px pictures for animation frames are huge.

okay, which resolution is better?

Well, everyone has different opinions on that matter, but this is my personal recommendation (I’m not saying I’m an authority on the subject).

Considering that your game is a platform game:

Characters and other sprites with animations: between 16 and 128 pixels.
Backgrounds and other static images: between 128 and 640 pixels.

Of course, all of this depends on your graphic style and gameplay needs, but 800px per image for a simple 2D platformer is huge (I tried your game, is difficult and funny, but the loading time is exhausting).

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thank you for your recommendations. but these resolutions is so low and it’s a pixelated and ugly when i use similar resolutions. :frowning:

Almost everyone use similar sprite sizes and it didn’t look ugly at all (also pixelated is not necesailly ugly, there is pixel art and it looks amazing; but even if your style is not pixel art, sprites don’t have to be huge).

But if you stretch a picture to make it bigger than it is, then it will look ugly. So it’s a matter of knowing how to use small to meidum sprites to create the world you want.

If you set your game to have a huge screen size resolution, graphic developing will be so difficult. I recommend to NOT stretch your sprites, have an small screen size resolution for your game and then stretch your game window to fill the current screen. That way sprites will look coherent and nice without having huge sprites and huge resolutions for your game.

Another take on it is to have multiple screen size resolutions for your game.

You can find tons of documentation on sprite size and game development just googling it. Here are a couple:

----- This is a thread with a lot of information on the topic: What sprite size should I use for 2D game?

----- This is a page with a database of sprites from different professional 2D games, you can check there the actual size of the sprites for many games: The spriters resource

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Another note on the topic:

Your character uses less than a third part of the height of the game window:

Nuevo Lienzo

The most used screen resolution at this point in time is 1980x1080 (source)

Even adapting your game to exactly fit to the most used screen resolution, all you need for your character sprite to be is 360px tall (1080 / 3 = 360). And yeah, that’s bigger than my advice, but way smaller than your actual sprite sizes.

So, unlees you have a screen with a 4266px x 2400px resolution, why do you want your character sprite to be 800px tall? It’s not neccesary at all.


Okay thank you so much for your answers <3

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