why do animation stops at a frame?

i can make my own state machine but animating in GDevelop get’s the best of me… xD

so for example:
if player on ladder
-if up key - do 2 to animation
-if down key - do 2 to animation

the animation freezes when i do this

can someone point me to an example of animating a platform character with ladder and stuff?

Can you show your player movement events? Maybe some other event invalidate that ladder event? Try trigger once condition? Animation is on the loop and time between frames is good (not about 10 seconds between frames)?

If the animation freezes, IMO it sounds like the animation is switched in previous events. For example there is an event that always set “animation = jump” because the player is not in the ground, and then set “animation = ladder up” if in the ladder, of course with frame = 0 because the animation has been switched. Finally GDevelop will show the first frame of the “ladder up” animation.

If it’s the case, you have to improve the state machine, so when the player is on the ladder, don’t switch to any other animation related to stand, walk, jump, etc…

i’ve removed the ladder animation and this is all i have for animating my character
the fall animation doesn’t work, it displays the idle animation
animations are looped, at 0.1/0.5 seconds, each frame is centered etc
i’ve made a state machine state = ground, air, stairs, evade and the animation works but too much code for too little…

Have you used the platformer behaviour as a base for this object?

yes, i used platform character behavior. the state machine is for an evade state, it makes things easier and thats all the animation i had for the move state.
i’ve opened a couple of more projects and i accidentally saved them over my main project so i’ve started a new one and now it works. i’m either stupid or… don’t know… something.

two more questions

  1. is there any way to disable image smoothness in html5?
  2. my character is going to shoot zombies. cartriges from the gun and zombie heads are going to pops of.
    how should i make the fall and collide with my platform, more efficient ?
    wouldn’t making them physics object going to eat alot of resources?
    10 cartriges, 20 zombie heads all with gravity and collision + 20 or so zombies on the map with platform behavior trying to find me, a spawning system and a wave system.
  1. I don’t think it can be in HTML5 games yet. I am not 100% sure about this though…

  2. It should not be bad for performance to have ~50 physics objects out. However, you should delete them after a time if they are not needed. e.g. Delete cartridges from the gun after a couple of bounces or when they go out of camera shot.

thank you mats!
i’ll go ahead and try it myself.
at first i used 20 object with pathfinding behavior and it kind of lagged.