Why Do My Sprites Turn Pink?

Sometimes when I play my games, the sprites turn into pink squares, like the one below.

How would I fix this? Would it glitch like this if I published it to gd.games or any other site/app, or just the preview?

Does this happen all the time for the same sprites? Can you view developer tools (under View in the GDevelop editor menu), click on the console tab (clear any existing messages) and run the game? Are there any error messages that crop up?

It doesn’t do it for the same sprites every time I run it, it’s been happening since I first started making my game, I just haven’t gotten around to asking about it, it happens to any sprites, but mostly my health bar and dark sprite (for fading in and out.) The sprite functions like normal but turns into a pink square.

What’s the colour of your game background?

The game background is black, so when you open doors and stuff behind the sprite isn’t white.

I tested it on another game and the wand that was connected to the wizard character was pink too, it moved and rotated, but turned into a square.

Are you using PC or web editor? And can you try the developer tools I mentioned in my first post? It may shed some light on the issue.

I used developer tools but the bug doesn’t always appear, it’s completely random. And I’m using the web editor as of now.

I suppose it is your internet failing to download most of the assets in preview.

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If this is true, then it’s fine, while it’s still pretty annoying, I can deal with it. I think you’ve solved it, that honestly makes sense.