Why do objects on the screen are always twitching?

Why do objects on the screen are always twitching?
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Maybe because the size of your player object image changes size very often. For example, two animation frames that don’t have the same size.

I set up a original size of all objects and they still twitching! what i do wrong?

They are several problems with your code : the main one is that you use TimeDelta() with forces. TimeDelta() is needed for many things if you want to keep the things at the same speed even if the framerate of your game changes (for example, if running on a bad computer). However, forces already take into account this, so you don’t need to multiply by TimeDelta() (you’ll need to reduce the value of the forces by the way).

Then, you’re using the force on the object Char (from All object > Movement category) but your object uses the Platformer automatism. You should better use the actions to simulate a press on the Left/Right key to make it move. You can change the properties of the platformer automatism to increase the speed.

Finally, move only your player, don’t also move the platform, obstacles. This can cause problem in the player platformer automatism calculation.

I wanna make a infinite runner for mobiles, and i have a two pathes how to do this:

First - I sell my soul for knowledge of a generating a random levels with a random location of a platforms and his type (i have a idea, but i think is very stupid and cant work)

Second - Make a lot of pre-maded levels (using a external scenes for upload a phone memory and make game faster on low-end devices, ideal - make it play on phone for 100$, like Zopo’s or InFocus), it will take more time, but I do not have to think about the random level generation.

What do you thinking about it? Which of these is best suited for smartphones?

And thanks for you help. And sorry for my bad english, i am from Russia. (Russian translate of your program have some big problems, also and i forced to use english version istead russian)

If you think you can (and wish to) fix something with the translation, you can suggest improvements here: https://crowdin.com/project/GDevelop
Just select your language (Russian flag) >> Actions (…) >> Translate :slight_smile:

Привет, я сейчас занимаюсь правкой и доработкой перевода. Если будут какие-то серьезные пожелания, пиши - обсудим :slight_smile: