Why does my character disappear after moving?

why does my character disappear after jumping and moving? Screen capture - 1e97c4e95ccb45469cf2b72f1c0e1a0b - Gyazo

Make sure the animation it’s set to is the Exact name of the animation, I think it’s caps sensitive. Also check the animations to see if they are invisible.

what do you mean invisible?

i fixed it somehow by just chaning the size of the character sprite on screen

I meant if the image was still there if there wasn’t anything. But, I guess that wasn’t your problem. I had the same problem for a different reason, I tried moving my assets into a folder and then when I opened up GDevelop I had to re-set the animation.

1 question, whats the right usage on condtion for on spawn?, like when a player just started the game/spawned

On beginning of scene.