Why does my walk animation only play the first frame?

I have been absolutely loving Gdevelop 5, I’ve made some really good progress on my game, though I have hit a roadblock with my character animation. Whenever my character runs the animation plays but only for the first frame. This makes it look like he is just sliding across the floor instead of running. I have changed many lines of code, reviewed it multiple times and just can’t figure it out. At this rate the main character is going to be moonwalking the entire game >:frowning: . Here is a picture of the code, I have enabled the loop feature for the animation. Although I did create my pictures in another program ( Paint.net to be exact) unlike my other animations, and this is the only animation that isn’t working. So is this related to using other programs? I did make sure to have the pictures exported as png and 64x64, plus there was no error msg and it exported smoothly besides the animation. Or this is a coding error, if so could someone please help me figure it out cuz this is getting very frustrating.

All events are processed every frame.

Based on how your events are set up, this means every frame your walk/move animation is reset, therefore back to frame 0.

You need to add “trigger once” to any of your animation events that have animations with multiple frames.

Thankyou Silver streak, I understand what you mean by it keeps resetting. Though I cant figure out where to put the trigger once event. Everwhere I put it, it just does the same thing >:):confused:

Basically you want to add it in the last “add a condition” section. I marked a few below, but this is not all inclusive.

I add the trigger once Condition, though it still doesnt seem to work properally. It runs through the animatiou at breakneck speed then stops at the same frame as before. I have the animation slowed down and looped so I dont understand why it doesnt want to work.

Update: I added the trigger once to every animation and the run animation works great! though the Idle animation only triggers at the beginning, so when your idle the character just runs in place ( animation wise). Is there a fix for this?

Could it be the way I have my Idle animation set up? is there another way to setup idle animation?

Depending on how complex you’re going to get with actions for your player, you might look at the finite state machine tutorial and do that instead: How to handle complex logic – The finite state machine (FSM) [GDevelop wiki]