Why does the sprite disappears when the camera zoom increases?

In my first game made with GDevelop, I’m trying to build a 2D solar system, with the sun in the middle and the planets + Pluto orbiting around it. So far so good, the orbits are calculated with the “OrbitingObjects” extension and I managed to get it to work for me by editing it as explained here.

Basically, I’ve one object called “Sun” which is the center object, and one object called “Planet” which has a lot of animations for each planet (“Mercury”, “Venus”, “Earth”, etc.). When creating an instance of this object, I just set the animation dynamically.

However, I’ve been experiencing one of the weirdest bug I’ve ever seen. When the player, in its spaceship, is near the Earth, it disappears, but re-appears when zooming out. So, basically, if I zoom in, it disappears, but when I zoom out, it shows up…

Here the events that I use for my tests:

Here a video of the preview:

The collision body is still there, I can collide with the planet, but the sprite doesn’t display for unknown reasons. Besides, it is the case only for the Earth.

It’s probably something I did wrong, and I’ll continue to investigate, but in case someone can bring some insight to this weird behaviour, please help me figure this out.

Ok, apparently it’s because the Earth didn’t have a collision mask. I didn’t know that each animation had to have its unique collision mask.

However I still don’t get it why it disappears, knowing that I had disabled the advanced option to stop playing the animation when it’s not visible on the screen.