Why Google Admob rejected my app?

I could not understand why Google Play rejected my app

Families ad format requirements
Your app contains ads that do not comply with our Families ad format requirements. For example, the following is prohibited:

  • Ads or offers for in-app purchases that are not clearly distinguishable from your app content: For example, your app contains an ad that is not clearly labeled, or your app contains an ad that is styled similar to the game interface.

To resolve this issue, please remove any violating ad content before submitting an app update.

Same happens to me a while ago. You need to ad a black background in the bottom of the Ad if not they do not approve the app.>

Some tips from Google Play Store support department.

  1. The Ad must be perfectly visible with a darker background.
  2. No sound must be played when the Ads are showing.
  3. The game must be paused, means that the players, enemies and environments must not move at all.

Thanks for your reply…

  1. I can do that.
  2. During video rewards…sound is disable but during the gameplay sound will play.
  3. The banner displays during gameplay means when player, enemy i mean everything is interactive, when everything moves…The game will be paused during interstitial and video rewards ad but cannot be paused during Banner ads.

If you can explain in detail, i will be highly obliged.

I found out what was wrong with my game and I am sharing it for the benefit of others.
It was nowhere written in my gamescene that a user/player has to watch an ad in order to get the reward. So, google rejected my app. The solution was in the first scene instead of “Revive” I have to specifically mention “Watch an ad to revive” and similarly in the second scene, instead of “YES” I have to write “Watch a video ad to revive”. I changed it, upload it and Boom… my update was live in less than 24 hours.

If you are also facing the same problem, please follow whatever i have written above. I hope your issue will be resolved.