Why is it when I change the animation of the character only one frame will work?

Please help:)

The current animation of the character is walking, and when the character collide the item it will change animation like this. BUT the problem is only one frame will work at it will not loop when I move the character.

You probably have a conflict with the walking animation.
You need to make sure that only one animation action can be valid at any given point. Sometimes, you need to add more conditions, sometimes, it’s about the way the events are nested.

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This is the progam, i dont know what to do because this is my first time using Gdevelop. Hope you can help me.

Here, as long as Hitbox is in collision with holywater, you keep changing the animation to #12, because the list of events is executed each and every frame.
You need to add a Trigger once condition so that, when the condition block is valid, the action block gets executed only once (while the conditions remain valid).
If it’s your first time, I recommend you to open some examples, try to understand them, see how they’re structured and fiddle with them. If there’s something you can’t understand, some of them come with a tutorial. Have fun!

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