Why is the program so slow?

Why is the program so slow about executing and displaying the command?
Do I need to register and purchase?

What do you mean? Are you referring to the GDevelop editor? Make sure you are only running one instance of it.

just one
but very slow

Running the editor, or a preview of the game? Are you running anything else at the same time? Are you on a PC, or in a VM? What are you doing that’s slow? You need to give more information - we can’t read your mind.

And a GDevelop subscription won’t make it run faster.

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For most people the software works fine, there must be a problem with your hardware or the way you use events in your games.

Please be more precise.

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There could be many causes that is not related to GDevelop.

  1. Hard Drive/SSD failure or an other application uses all the bandwidth in the background
  2. Virus could potentially use all the bandwidth
  3. low RAM or faulty RAM
  4. System update running in the background (and uses all the bandwidth)
  5. Antivirus

When GDevelop is really slow, try opening the System Monitor and check what processes using lot of Disk, CPU and RAM.
If it’s not GDevelop then it is not GDevelop related.

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