Why is there no circle mask in Gdevelop?

Hi, I was browsing through the pull request to Gdevelop in Github and found a pull request from 2017.

It was for an circle collision mask. It could be very useful for making UI and help in making circle mask, which is now done by adding thousands of nodes and making a polygon. There is already a circle mask for the physics engine. So, it is already done. Why was it not approved? Was it forgotten?


Oh yeah! circle masks would be pretty cool!


The original author @Lizard-13 sadly no longer active and did not finish it. It seems there was a performance issue somewhere, maybe it was forgotten or 4ian was not happy with it, he usually prefer nice, polished and elegant implementations if there was a performance hit then it may be not something he liked.

Indeed curious what the reason is.

EDIT:// I think I did read somewhere maybe Trello, 4ian was talking about any shape can fit in a box, circle is not so important for other than physics engines maybe. “Not important” can be the reason too.

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From what I see in the PR, the problem is that there was performance issues on the C++ engine back when this was a thing, so 4ian and Lizard were suspecting some sort of implementation issue causing bad performance.

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Think it would be possible to implement a “circle” polygon, where you can specify the number of vertices and the diameter of the circle - that way it would be up to each developer to determine how precise they want their collision shape - without having to manually plot points?