Why is there no option in GDevelop online app to directly import (open) the saved project from the device?

Hello everyone, I am working with GDevelop online app on my phone and for some reason I cannot use Google Drive and GDevelop Cloud (Beta) function to save and open projects. :face_holding_back_tears:

Although there is an option to download the project under Project management > Save as, I’m wondering why when I click the Open an existing project button in GDevelop online app > Build, other than Google Drive and GDevelop Cloud (Beta), There is no other possibility, for example, direct import of the saved project from the device. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if there was such a possibility, don’t you think so? :grinning:

Because it allows continue working on it in the desktop app.
As far as I know we can’t expect an upload import function any time soon.
Why the offered cloud solutions don’t work for you?

Hi jack,

Yes, I know that, when I want to download the copy of the project, what you said is written in the window that opens. :pleading_face:

But, for example, what would happen if the upload function (importing directly from the device) was also implemented? you said:

May I know why you think so? Tell me briefly. Did you read something about it somewhere? :slightly_smiling_face:

Because in the area where I am now, I cannot log in to GDevelop online due to internet restrictions, as a result, I cannot use the GDevelop cloud service. I don’t have access to services like Google Drive here too. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes, but it’s been a while…
Of course it would be a good function :slight_smile:

Totally feel your frustration. I’ve been there too! Having a direct option to import saved projects from our devices like here at whiteboard task management would be a game-changer. I’ve found myself in similar situations, wishing for that feature. Let’s hope the devs catch wind of this suggestion – it could really level up the user experience!