Why my character doesn't move


In this scene:

The bats should move toward the circle after being appeared.
But they don’t move! why?

Here is the physics behavior of the bat:

And here comes the code:

Please inform me.


That move command is not a physics action - they have different icons.

Physics actions have this icon image

Non-physics move actions have this icon image

You’ll need to use the physics Apply force action:


Yes, you are right. I’m trying to use this action:

But I keep facing problems.
Unfortunately, there isn’t documentation for each of these actions.

I want the bat move toward the circle.

Yeah, a quick search on the internet didn’t result in anything useful. Maybe that’s a “feature” request, where all parameters of actions, conditions and expressions are clearly explained.

But, to your problem:

The X position and Y position are the x & y values of the target you want the bat_move object to move to. In this case make it the centre of your circle object,

The application points are the position on the bat_move object where the force should be applied. Make these bat_move.MassCentreX and bat_move.MassCentreY, unless you’d like for the bat to spin like crazy.