Why my Debugger Dissapear after refreshing to a lot number of Variables?

so I set a lot of variable at the beginning and open the debugger …

And I got this…

im trying to test if too many variable could create perfomance issue since im making some type of open world and i need it to be super optimized.
anyone know why this happen?

Are you clicking refresh? It needs to be pressed each time to show and then again to update.

If so, maybe it’s still processing the repeat.

i did, and what happen next was as if its trying to force close it

the preview window was not being recognized by gdevelop anymore even if it still there and i have to make new preview.

Does the rest of the scene display and respond? That’s quite a large repeat and a lot of variables. IDK how long it would take to initialize.


Ignore my response - I didn’t read the events properly…

I don’t think its because of the number of variables. The number you set in the screen snip is not very many at all.

I have encountered the same issue as you, but usually its because I opened 2 GDevelop editor instances. I find closing all GDevelop instances and restarting it seems to do the trick.

Also, does it also happen if you run preview with debug mode, instead of straight preview with debugger already running?


How many variables do you think it’s trying to create?

Maybe I’m reading it wrong. 1,000,000 repeats.
It would create a 2-dimensional array [0 to (1,000,000 / 6)] [0 - 6]

Ha, I’ve done my classic glance at the events and completely missed that repeat loop. SMH.


so the Engine cant read that?

I don’t know the technical side of it. Try reducing the repeat and see what happens at various values.

i changed it to 10k and its work now but getting slowerwhenever i scroll. must be the renderer i assume?