Why you can't rezise a collision mask for a tiled sprite ?

You can for a sprite but why not for a tiled one ?
Maybe because it just repeat it self so it will have like a wierd collision mask … for example a platform that you walk on . Which is just repeated sprites .
Is tiled sprite is a repeated sprites ?

Also in general … what is the difference about a sprite and a tiled one ? . Like the name of it what does it all mean ?

Maybe there an article to read about you recommend or something ? … i just love to learn more .

Tiled sprites are just basic image/texture (usually seamless texture). There are no “frames”, no animations, no custom hitbox (collision) or points. It just one image with a basic width/height (wich have to be the same than the source image).

There is no collision mask to edit, the object is a stand object with basic squares/retangles collision mask.

I’ve seen in actions that there is 2 actions to change X and Y offset of the image, wich means it can also be used to use spritesheet in Gdevelop.

Basically tiled sprites (single seamless image or spritesheet) are usefull for static decors. Most examples in GD are using it as mosaics.

Thanks Kink for replying … i kinda understand what a tiled sprite means now … because if you just put it in the scene what appears is >>> the picture "like the full picture and you can’t resize it or do anything with it just you can make it repeat with the same dimensions " while in a sprite you can modify the dimensions of the pictures but what is weird here is that a sprite is also a single picture right ?

for example if a sprite is 3232 and the same but a tiled one 3232 >> what will the game read ?
a tiled sprite will be just one picture even if it’s big .
but how about the sprite ? how the processing sees it ? more than one picture ? maybe ?