wide range of game

First: Excuse my english.
I want to change the wide of the game to 2048. In the editor, i can see the wide screen, but when i click to start the preview and let the player go to the right, the window doesn’t scroll to the right.
My question: Is it not possible to change in the project properties the wide of the playable screen? Is there a limitation or is it a bug? I use version gd4094.

Not sure if there is a misunderstood here, do you want to modify the playable area?, do you want to modify the window size?, or do you want to make the camera to follow the player in a closed area?
The scene size is virtually infinite, the area being shown in the editor is the window size/default camera size, but you can move this camera over the entire scene through events, so this rectangle is a guide to show the camera size and aspect ratio :slight_smile:

Let me try again:
I use the editor in german. I create a new native platformer object. Then I click in the projectmanager with right on “project” and i choose project properties. I go to “Window” and type behind “Breite (wide?)”: 2048. Then I add a platform as floor and make it so large, that the left end is on the left side of the rectangle and the right end is on the right side of the rectangle. I add a player. Then I do all the things, that the player can walk on the floor.
On the right side of the rectangle i position a small platform, so that I can see, when the player has reached the right side. I make the same on the left side.
I press the preview button and the window changes. In this window I press the left arrow key and the player walks to the left side. When I don’t stop pressing the left arrow key the player goes out of the window and never comes back. Clear, there is now floor and he falls into the hell. I stop preview and start it again. Now i press the right arrow key and the player goes to the right side. I have to say: In this moment I dont see the platform, which I positioned on the right side of the rectangle. When the player comes to the right side of the window, he goes out of the window. I stop to press the right arrow key and press the left arrow key and he comes back, because the floor goes up to the right end of the rectangle. But why is that not to see? Why is the player not shown by the camera?
What is my mistake?

You have to center the camera to a player. :slight_smile: you find that from events → actions → camera.

Thank you. That works, but: if I look the preview, now the floor is in the center of the window, and not on the base. :wink:
I tried it with “center the camera on an object within limits” but then - the camera doesn’t follow the player. It seems to be very difficult. :confused:

Yep that’s what I thought would happen. You didn’t try those camera center X and Y things? You can Center the camera X to a player and Y camera to center of the screen (if screen size is x400 and y240: center Ycamera to 120), example.

Play with numbers with those x and y things and you find the best solution for you :slight_smile:

Thank you. In x-direction it works. But in y-directtion- :confused:
Foolishly I don’t know how to insert a screenshot. That’s why I try to explain:

For x-direction I insert a condition “The x position of Player is >250” with the action “Do =Player.x() to x position of camera (layer: )” and then another condition: “The x position of Player is <1800”
Game Resolution in project properties is: 2048 x 800

For y-direction I insert: “Die Y-Position von Player ist >500” and “Die Y Position von Player ist <-1000” . I add for the first y-condion the action: “Do Player.Y() to y position of camera (layer”
I played with the numbers, but always the same preview.
In preview the camera follows the Player from the left side to the right side, but in y-direction nothing happens. The camera seems to be static.

If you want that camera follows left and right, you do:
Do Player.X(Centre) to X position of camera

And then when you want that camera follows up and down you do:
Do Player.Y(Centre) -400 to Y position of camera.
Try different values for that Y position. Now it’s -400 from center of the player so it might be that you can’t see the player.

I upload better explanation with pics when I go back to home. :slight_smile:

By the way here are some pics about the “Camera follow with limits” action: [url]Besoin d'une équipe pour votre projet de jeu?]

I think this is the problem. You are giving an impossible condition, so the action of moving the camera never happens.

There is no position that is >500 and <-1000. Should it be “>-1000 and <500”?

I hope this clear your thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6GflndrXV8&t=2s

Now it works. Thank you all. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: