Wiki Space Shooter Tutorial Enemy 3

I’m hoping someone can show me where I am going wrong with this tutorial. I’ve had a couple of issues following the wiki tutorials the ellipse not working in Geometry Monster for example. I’m looked both at my code and the final picture of what my code should look like and I can’t see where I am going wrong. The Y position of enemy 3 is not updating to move the object like it should in the game when I preview it. The thing just flies in a straight line. The wiki’s have been great for going through to help learn the engine, but this one has me stumped. The particular section I’m working on is space-shooter tutorial part 6 the last section before testing it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is Enemy3 inside of group “Enemies”?

I do have enemy 3 inside the Enemies group.
I’m not entirely sure but I think I may have figured out what the problem was. If looking at the code the Y value has a gap where if the object is positioned in it the object wont move vertically in either direction. It took about half an hour to figure that out. I changed the starting location and it does move now. Between Y:251 and Y:300 there is no defined action for it to take. Hopefully this topic can help someone else in the future. The code works just fine, just have to pay attention to Object placement.

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