Will my game require Constant internet connection?

Hi, I’m fairly new concerning game creation.

I, for now, am trying to create two games (a Sonic, and a Match 3). But i have a question.

Gdevelop allow us making games in HTML5, but, will the final game, require Constant internet connection to be played?

I want people to be able to play it offline. Is that possible, or should i change for another engine?

Thanks for reading

No internet connection required, but after export you need to install a web server or use Firefox to run it or need to wrap your HTML5 game in to a Windows, Linux, Mac executable using 3rd party tools such as NW.js and you can export your game to mobile using the GD build service.

Wait, so if i finished working on my game.

I want it to export it on Play Store and App Store. If i just format it as an apk, people won’t be able to play it just like that?
They will need to install a web server on their phone?

People will be able to play it, they don’t need to install anything but your game.
I meant if you want to run your game after export using the index.html locally on your PC, then you need to use Firefox or install a web server. If you wrap your game in to a mobile or desktop app, it is including the web server so people don’t need to worry about that.

I only want people to play it offline on their mobile. So if it’s possible, then that’s cool, thanks!