Windows Icon

Hey guys!
Im having some problems here with the top left windows icon. That small icon on the windows game top bar…
Check it out the png, please.

How can we change that default system icon/image to a personal one?? I did search the forum for this but didn’t find any explanation about this. Or is not possible to change this at all?
I can change the .exe game file easily, no problem with that, but everything i try doesn´t work when it comes to change that little top bar windows icon.
Help… someone… please! :slight_smile:

Nevermind!! Got it!
Six hours and five coffees later i finally got it! :slight_smile:

For those facing problems with this, here’s the solution:
-Use the event for the windows change (icon). Then the event will ask you for the name of the file you want to use as image. Put the name AND extension of the image, example “myimage.png” (image format must be .png). That’s it!
My problem was the fact that i was inserting only the name of the image and not the extension. I also give it a go with different types of images (.bmp, .jpg,…) but none works, only .png images works.