Windows is minimized

Good day to all. Is there an analog of this function
but for use in the browser?

As far as I’m aware, as the game doesn’t have control over the browser it is running in, it doesn’t have a way to detect those items.

it turned out to be done with the use of JavaScript. I wrote a simple code and got what I wanted

Fantastic! Congrats.

I wish there easier ways to detect if it was running in a browser, because that would mean it’d be easier to implement something like what you have as a standard event. Unfortunately since technically all instances are running in a browser (Electron is basically a browser, and that is used for desktop builds), it’s not an easy fix.

The condition you were looking at before specifically looks for electron, so it would make sense it wouldn’t work in a separate browser, but your code makes sense to me.

This is not checking if the window is minimized but if it is focused (aka the last thing the user clicked on)

ну собо значения это не имеет. главное что это работает так как я хочу)

Well that’s the point, it may not have been working exactly like you wanted. Also note that this isn’t a Russian forum but an English forum.