Windows native fullscreen stretch and android export

Hi guys,

I’m working on a game in Windows Native, at the same time testing if it would export to android.
The screen dimensions are 720 by 1280

Trying Full screen but stretches the image. Checking the keep aspect ratio option doesn’t work (but it did state it’s for HTML5).

Also, how would full screening affect android ports?

Lastly, trying out the export to android but all i get is a folder with these contained in it
-assets folder
-jni folder
-res folder

What do i do with them? Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi AnimatedG

First of all did you use the export to IOS or Android with Cordova (XDK) ? Which version of Gdevelop are you using ?
Secondly I’ve been struggling with the same issue of screensize for Android for a while now. I’m currently busy trying to figure out on how to add layouts to cordova projects. I will get in touch with you when I figured it out. Currently I’m setting my scenes in the following way:
(This stretches the scene to fit different screen sizes - Android)
PS : Have a look at the tutorial I posted concerning exporting using Cordova CLI

Hi Roelof1978 ,

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’m using version 4 of Gdevelop

I’m actually at a loss on android exportation. Thanks for the tutorial :slight_smile:

The one i tried was using the inbuilt exportation under file → Export for android (experimental)

Probably am too far in for this test game to start changing my screen dimensions. Will try it on the next game

Have a happy new year guys