Windows Network Install , school environment

Good afternoon,
I manage the networks of a couple of schools in the UK and have been asked to investigate deploying this tool for use in our ICT and Computing curriculum.

A couple of questions:
1> It seems to want to install to the local users appdata folder instead of the central “program files” folder. I can just manually move it, but i wondered if there was way to tell it where to install?
2> It also seems to save to the local user folder (c:\users%username%). On a school network, this is typically not used as the user will likely be using a different pc the next time. I can’t find any config files or registry entries. Normally, this could be achieved by setting the “working directory” (or “Start In”) location on the shortcut to be the desired directory (i.e. “N:”) or by setting a configuration option somewhere.

Just some context:
I manage about 1000 computers accross two sites and 1500 kids. Kids can be sat at any computer at any time and expect to be able to find their work.

Has anyone deployed this successfully or can give me any hints to modifying the config to achieve it?

Many thanks in advance. I have tried to search the forums, but whilst there was some discussion about default temp locations, i couldn’t see my exact query addressed!


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Hello, maybe this topic cn help you

Thanks for the message. I have seen that thread and indeed I can export / move the directory where I need it, but there is reference to a config file at the bottom which I can’t see anywhere. I think I need to pre-populate that in order to disable the auto-update function.


You are on GD4 or 5 ?
Because options.cfg is just for GD4.
Maybe you need take look on github

GD5 (and very new to it). It looks great and if we can get a decent deployment solution sorted, i see no reason why it can’t get traction in the UK Education sector.

I’ve posted a “feature request” to github having had a look around to try to see if there is already anything there. Deployment on a Windows 10 network · Issue #1102 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Hopefully i’ve communicated it well!!

Thanks for replying!

All my concerns have been resolved in the latest update :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks very much for the assistance!