Word hover tooltip BBText

Earlier I wrote a post asking about Is it possible to check if cursor hovering on specific word in text?.
No good solution to this problem was found using Gdevelop.

Therefore, I think that this function should be built into BBText, because this function is very important when developing games where the most main mechanic is text. For example, you are talking to a character, and he says a term or the name of a person you don’t know or have forgotten for some reason, you hover over this specific word and a tooltip pops up, which briefly explains meaning of this word.

How theoretically should it work?

When a game developer wants to add a tooltip to his text, he just adds something like this [text](tooltip.text) to his text object.
Then he can use a tooltip.text expression of the current hovering word(to paste it for example to another text object etc), which the game developer can use for to create his design for the tooltip.